Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site

Take a self-guided tour of the world-renowned Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site, located 29 miles northwest of Thermopolis! Along the designated walking trails, visitors will find that the 1,312 feet of vertical cliffside is etched with over 300 petroglyph figures with 92 prehistoric petroglyph panels.

Many of the petroglyphs are the Dinwoody style which is unique to the region. Since 1973, Legend Rock has been on the National Register of Historic Places and is open year-round.

During the fall and winter months, keys to the gate are available at several locations including the Hot Springs State Park Bath House and Thermopolis Chamber of Commerce.

The Dinwoody tradition rock art is found west of the Bighorn River in the Bighorn and Wind River basins and is known for its distinctive figures pecked into the rock surface. These include large human or human-like figures with headdresses whose torsos are often decorated with patterns of lines. Despite having suffered some defacement, Legend Rock includes the oldest and best-preserved examples of Dinwoody tradition rock art known in the world.