Hot Springs County / Thermopolis, Wyoming

Thermopolis is known throughout the state as one of the most desirable communities in Wyoming because of the excellent climate, beautiful surroundings, and friendly people. Thermopolis needs to be experienced to appreciate its desirability as a community in which to live, work, and play.

Location: Thermopolis is located in the Big Horn Basin of northwest Wyoming, 130 miles west of Casper and about 145 miles south of the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Surrounded by mountain ranges, with the Big Horn River running through town, Thermopolis boasts the world’s largest mineral hot springs, located Hot Springs State Park.

Population: Hot Springs County – 4,696; Thermopolis – 2,930; Within 35 minute commute – approximately 14,000; ≤ 80,000 people reside within a one hundred mile radius of Thermopolis.

Climate: The elevation is 4,331 feet above sea level. Low humidity, warm to hot summers, cool to cold winters. Monthly average temperature is 49.4ºF (July average high 93.3, January average high 40.5). Average annual days of sunshine is 235. Growing Season is 110 days Average annual precipitation is 12.04” with average snowfall at 54”.

Education: Of county residents aged 25 and over, 92.5% are high school graduates, and 24.5% are college graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. Thermopolis students consistently score above the national averages on Standardized Tests (e.g. ACT). School enrollment in February 2019 was 644, with 48 high school seniors. North-Central Accreditation. Central Wyoming College, is a two year institution offering transfer college credit as well as occupational, community service and adult education programs, and is located in Riverton, 53 miles south of Thermopolis.

Taxes: The State of Wyoming has no personal income, corporate income, or inventory taxes. There is local retail sales tax of 6% (April 1, 2017). Current local taxes include a residential property tax of 9.5% market value, and an industrial property tax of 11.5% market value. There is a City mill levy of 8 mills, and a County mill levy of 12 mills. Special districts may present additional County mills from time to time.

Zoning: Thermopolis has a development plan with zoning for all categories of usage. There are no fees beyond the normal licensing requirements.

Labor Force: Hot Springs County has 2,167 persons in the labor force. There are approximately 35,000 available work force within a one hundred mile radius of Thermopolis. Median household income is $48,403 in Thermopolis. Per Capita Income in Thermopolis is $27,688. Unemployment in Hot Springs County is 3.2%

Housing: The median home value in Hot Springs County is $147,700, while the median home value in Thermopolis is $140,400. The median rent in Thermopolis is $803.

Utilities: Water, electricity, natural gas, sewage, sanitation, telephone, an internet serve, cable television. Thermopolis’ water supply exceeds EPA standards. High-speed broadband internet service is available and reasonably priced.

Major highways: US 20, US 120. Nearest Interstate Highways: I-25 or I-90 (Nearest exit is Buffalo, WY 123 miles or I-25 in Casper, WY 132 miles)

Airports: Local airport located about 10 miles northwest of Thermopolis (7,700 ft. runway); Worland Municipal, 33 miles north; Riverton Regional, 52 miles south; Yellowstone Regional (Cody), 82 miles northwest; Casper International, 132 miles east.

Parcel Services: United Parcel Service, Federal Express, US Postal Service​

Trucking: Thermopolis is served by four trucking firms.

Car Rental: There are no car rental companies currently located in Thermopolis.

Financial Institutions: Three banks, one private lending institution.

Quality of Life: Scenically spectacular setting in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains. Western friendly small town quality, low crime rate, excellent public utilities and schools, churches of most denominations. State and region are business-friendly. Truly an undiscovered jewel of West. Area Recreational Attractions: 3 baseball fields, 3 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, 4 town parks, 9-hole golf course, 18-hole miniature golf course, 2 racquetball courts, movie theater, rodeo arena, fair grounds, canoeing and whitewater rafting, hiking, swimming, hunting, fishing, and cross-country skiing.

Local and nearby scenic and cultural attractions include Hot Springs State Park, Boysen Reservoir, Wind River Canyon, Legend Rock Petroglyphs, Hot Springs County Historical Museum & Cultural Center, and The Wyoming Dinosaur Center. Nearly 2,000,000 acres of wilderness within a short distance of Thermopolis.

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