110 Carter Ranch Road
Thermopolis, WY 82443

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Museum, History, Dinosaurs

Get Ready for a “Roaring” Good Time. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center was founded in 1995 as a home for the fossils discovered in the hills outside Thermopolis – just ten minutes away from the museum. Some of the most amazing fossils ever found are displayed – nearly twenty thousand dinosaur bones from the Thermopolis bonebeds, and thousands of other specimens from across the state and around the world. Our efforts have ensured a permanent home for a few of Wyoming’s biggest and most significant discoveries to date, to the delight of children and scientists alike.

At the core of the museum’s mission is unparalleled visitor experiences. From opening day to the present day, our visitors have the opportunity to not only visit our active excavation sites, but work to unearth massive dinosaur fossils still entombed in the ground – the first living things to see the bone of an animal that died 150 million years ago. They not only see the past – they hold it in their hands. They use the real tools and methods of paleontologists. Their questions are answered; their curiosity is encouraged. Paleontology becomes more than a scientific endeavor at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center – it becomes a personal investment, and an unforgettable experience.

Kids loved it…

Well worth admission and every one loved it. Huge amount of bones and great experience all around. Bring lunch and make a picnic out of the day.



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