Do you want an experience you cannot find anywhere else in the world Thermopolis is lucky enough to have numerous one-of-a-kind natural attractions including one of the most impressive petroglyph areas in the world – the Legend Rock Petroglyph Site.

This protected site approximately 23 miles west of Thermopolis contains at least 283 different petroglyphs on 92 individual sandstone “panels.” It must be seen to be believed! Archaeological tests have discovered that some of the ancient rock art dates back 10,000 years! The remote location of the Legend Rock Petroglyphs adds to the overall experience. Once you are among the thunderbirds, elk and strange figures wearing horned headdresses, it truly feels like you have been transported back 10,000 years and that the ancient people who carved the petroglyphs will appear over the horizon or step out from behind the rocks!

To get to the site take Hwy. 120 from Thermopolis toward Meeteetse for 21 miles. Turn left at the second Hamilton Dome turn-off (Cottonwood Creek Road) and drive west about five miles. Once you arrive at a crossroads, you will continue west on Cottonwood Creek Road until you reach the second of two cattle guards. Turn left immediately after the second cattle guard. Follow that road until you reach a fork in the road. Stay to the left and the road will lead to a gate*.

* May through September, no key required, open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. October through April, key required, can be picked up at State Bath House, Chamber of Commerce and Hot Springs County Museum.

Be sure to bring your own drinking water as none is available at the site, but there is a restroom available.

Site grounds open year round weather permitting.

Amazing history here!

We were traveling in a 24 ft class C the road into this area is fairly level but very gravelly and washboard at some points. It was still worth the trip back there. It was a really cool walk along the cliff wall to see the carvings. The visitor center was very informative.



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