115 Big Springs Drive
Thermopolis, WY 82443

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Pool, Spa, Water Slide

Soothe your body and soul at the famous Star Plunge in Hot Springs State Park, warming your bones in the winter and cooling off with summer family fun. Both the indoor and outdoor pools are heated by warm water from the Big Spring. The inside pool is 94-98°F (34-37°C). The outdoor pool is 90-94°F (32-34°C). The hot pool is 104°F (40°C), water jets and air jets give a soothing Massage. Indians believed that the mineral water has special healing powers and there are very many therapeutic benefits.  Many doctors in the area prescribe mineral water hydrotherapy.  The weightless environment that the water gives allows a person to work muscles and joints without the weight of your body.

The “Super Star 500” is one of the world’s longest water slides, gushing over 2,400 gallons per minute down a flume that measures over 500 feet. It is open Memorial Day through Labor Day. The “Blue Thunder Run” is a 330 foot all weather hydro-tube that curves around a 60 foot tower.  The “Lil’ Dipper” is a 60 foot warm mineral slide just right for the little tots. It is open year-round on days that the temperature is above freezing.

Fun times at the Star Plunge

Love the Star Plunge and the history of it. Very friendly staff and reasonable prices. I take my family there every time we visit.

Ellap1963 (Trip Advisor)


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