Wyoming Dinosaur Center

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center and Dig Sites

For 160 million years dinosaurs ruled the earth.  They disappeared mysteriously long before man made his appearance.  Only in the last century have we discovered just how important they were and what they were probably like – 50 foot Camarasaurus, meat-eating Tyrannosaurus rex with six-inch teeth, the tiny thumbed Hypsilophodon.  The Wyoming Dinosaur Center and Dig Sites provides a unique opportunity to discover the prehistoric world, from tiny Trilobites inhabiting the seas to giant Pterosaurs who ruled the skies.

The Center is a 16,000 square foot complex in the Big Horn Basin of central Wyoming.  It includes a world-class museum, working dig sites and a complete modern preparation laboratory.  Interpretive dig site tours allow visitors to walk the same ground as ancient dinosaurs and watch as scientists remove fossils from burial sites.  By special arrangement, individuals and families can work alongside skilled professionals for a day.  The museum is open yearly, dig site and tours as weather permits.  A museum shop includes outstanding fossils, gems, books and excellent educational materials.  It’s an experience you won’t forget.

Journey back in time with dynamic displays featuring dinosaurs from all around the world. See the entire paleontological process, from excavation to preparation.

Today you can be a visitor; 150 million years ago you would have been a snack!