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Like settlers everywhere who moved into remote areas, Wyoming’s lifestyle always called for a measure of self-sufficiency. Men forged their own tools, shod their animals, made the gear to handle livestock. They hunted and fished for food. Women canned and dried foods, spun yarn, wove cloth and baskets, fashioned quilts and rugs. They made their children’s toys from wood and fabric scraps.

In many areas across the country, the knowledge of such skills is buried with two or three generations. But in Wyoming, it is still alive. There is a larger percentage of people in the population who still practice some artisan/craftsmen skill than in any other Western state.

Traditionally these skills were passed down naturally in the family or in the community. Today, many of these skills are in danger of being lost. We believe it is important that these skills be maintained – whether it is fashioning Native American beadwork, baking bread, braiding rugs, forging knives, tanning hides or weaving a horse cinch.

For this reason, we work closely with the Wyoming Arts Council and the Wyoming Folklife Coalition to sustain traditional folk skills in the region.

We recognize the value of the arts in developing citizens who think creatively, knowing creative skills are critical for the 21st century workforce as well as quality of life.

The Foundation’s primary goals have been to act as a catalyst for life-long learning. We reach out to our citizens and our visitors with programs and activities that range from arts, folk arts, humanities and natural sciences.